Mayor's History

Mr Henry W. Smith - Mayor of Evesham 1858 and 1860

Mr Henry Smith, picture and information supplied by kind permission of Anita Harper, nee Beck. Henry Smith, Great Grandaughter. Now living in New Zealand.

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The pictures you see below are mostly displayed in the Mayors Parlour, Evesham Town hall. They are photographs of photographs, behind glass, which could not be removed from the frames and as such are not of the best quality. I hope they are good enough to give an impression of the Mayor's appearance. I have also included other pictures that have Mayoral connections.

As more information is gathered about individual Mayor's, it will be included in the appropriate section. Regular checking is recomended. If you have any pictures or facts about the Mayor's of Evesham, please click on the contact link and fill in the details.

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Other information in this section includes Past Mayors, Past Councils and Name Boards

Mayor of Evesham Regalia

The regalia is not meant to glorify the Mayor who receives it, but rather signify the respect and honour of the people whom they serve. The wearing of the robes and the chain ensure the functions of office, both business and ceremony, are conducted with dignity, credit to the Council, and honour to the community.

When being “installed” as Mayor, the recipient is told the robe and chain are an outward visible sign of the distinction, favour and authority which Evesham citizens have conferred upon them by electing them as their Mayor.

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Councillor Andrew Dyke Mayor of Evesham 2004/5 Mayor's Robes are unisex, apart from the hat. Cllr Andrew and Mrs Wendy Dyke, Mayormaking 10/5/2004
Gold Chain of Office. Each link contains the name of a previous mayor of the town. When the chain becomes to long , the oldest links are removed and kept in the Almonry Museum.
Gold Badge of Office since 1974    

Mayoress of Evesham Regalia

Gold chain of office. Each link has the name of a previous Mayoress of Evesham. When the chain becomes to long, links are removed and kept in the Almonry Museum. The Mayoress also has the use of a gold bracelet, in the shape of Evesham Coat of Arms and incrusted with diamonds. The inscription on the reverse reads:- 'Presented to The Evesham Town Council, by the Family of the late Alderman W A & Mrs Fisher for the use of the Mayoress 1946'

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Mrs Wendy Dyke, Mayoress of Evesham 2004/5

Deputy Mayor of Evesham Regalia

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New chain of office, replacing a length of ribbon, was presented to the town Council by Cllr Andrew Dyke in October 2003 for the exclusive use of future Deputy Mayor's of Evesham. Each square section dates back to the 1920's and are individually hallmarked.

Cllr Mrs Frances Smith and Consort Cllr John Smith 2004/5

Deputy Mayor Robe

Badge of Office - Solid Silver

Chain of Office - Solid Silver.

Town Clerk Robe and Wig

Evesham Town Crier

Evesham Town Clerk Regalia

Mr John Raphael, outside Evesham Town Hall